This application scans for corrupted layout.json and manifest.json in MSFS Community folder mods and shows you so that you can fix them or at least know which mods have corrupted JSONs. I keep running into the issue of not being able to access either the MSFS content manager at any time or the main menu after a flight. This is usually caused by corrupted mod files that the sim uses to load the mods. It seems that MSFS just tries to load the mods and does not have useful error handling to deal with corrupted mods. Instead, it just shows you the loading indicator infinitely when it encounters a corrupted mod. The fix for this should be simple and I wonder why this has not been fixed. After dealing with this many times,  I decided to tackle this problem myself and create this tool to help me figure out which mods are causing the problem. I'm sharing it with the hope that it helps someone who's experiencing the same problem.


Extract the archive to a location of your choice


  • open msfs-json-checker.exe 
  • click on the Select Community Folder button
  • select your MSFS Community folder
  • let it scan the mods
  • if it finds broken mods it will display them on a table. The left column will have clickable folder names of the corrupt mods. The right column will show a clickable list including layout.json and/or manifest.json depending on which file is corrupt.
  • if you want to scan a different folder click on the Change Community Folder button and let it scan
  • you can also scan on demand by clicking the Scan button
  • you can reset the app by clicking on the Reset button


This was a small unplanned project therefore it is very basic and rushed. If you find bugs or have feature requests please share in the comments section. Thanks.


Safety scan