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Duckworks DC-3 Improvement Mod

Improvement mod for the Aeroplane Heaven DC-3 included with any version of MSFS.   Current improvements (work in progress) : improved low-speed and in-ground-effect characteristics replaced windshield windows detail map, with more accurate and high res textures engine and flight model adjustments, stability, and accuracy improvements default camera position...


Improvement mod for the Aeroplane Heaven DC-3 included with any version of MSFS.


Current improvements (work in progress) :
  • improved low-speed and in-ground-effect characteristics
  • replaced windshield windows detail map, with more accurate and high res textures
  • engine and flight model adjustments, stability, and accuracy improvements
  • default camera position adjusted to a more usable position for most setups
  • instrument views reworked with five more added for a total of ten (list available under notes at the bottom of this page)
  • fuel consumption adjusted to better fit real-world numbers
  • custom engine start-up logic
  • carb heat indications fixed
  • oil temperature and pressure reworked
  • auxiliary tank fix (for the enhanced version, they are fine in the default)
  • cockpit quickviews fix
  • adds a heat blur effect to the engine exhaust
  • fuel booster pump sound events corrected
  • initial external lights rework (credit to @Delta2k5)
  • PR, DE, and JP localization fixes (by LincolnCFCruz, St54Kevin, cubna4 )
  • ... plus some minor tweaks and fixes with more to come in the future.


Installation :

Copy or extract the content of the archive to your community folder.

Drop by the Duckworks discord for further assistance, and bug or testing reports. 


Custom instrument views:

1 - Pilot Panel
2 - Middle Panel
3 - Copilot Panel
4 - Pedestal
5 - Under Pedestal
6 - Overhead
7 - Sperry Pilot / GPS console
8 - Cowlings / Hydr Pressure
9 - Hydraulic Levers
10- Cabin

Sim Update 11
Aircraft Enhancements
November 15, 2022
4 day(s) ago — 0.2.0




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その他のアップロード者 Imenes


4.85/5.0 — 素晴らしい!


  • バージョンを更新しました 0.2.0

  • バージョンを更新しました 0.1.9

  • バージョンを更新しました 0.1.81

  • バージョンを更新しました 0.1.8

  • バージョンを更新しました 0.1.7

  • バージョンを更新しました 0.1.6

  • Initial File Release

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我有一个问题。请回答。0.1.9之后,液压指示器现在受蓝色泵选择杆位置的影响 现在蓝色泵选择杆向后,液压指示器为零;当蓝色泵选择杆处于前进位置时,液压指示器将读取。但是,根据飞机上张贴的说明,当蓝色泵选择杆向后时,左右发动机都应提供液压;当蓝色泵选择杆处于前进位置时,右侧发动机提供液压,左侧发动机提供自动导航仪压力。我想问一下,当蓝色泵选择杆向后时,如何使液压指示器读取。是因为我没有拔出蓝色泵选择杆吗?



Please make the plane controlled by the AI ​​2 pilot.



2 day(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 Imenes

I have been using this great mod as it gets updated, but has anyone found the ideal trim setting on take off as I still bob up and down!

Just a heads up for anyone using this with prop blur mod it conflicts and causes sim to freeze during loading



2 day(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 Imenes

Thanks, works like a charm! We need DME to make this aircraft #1.



3 day(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 Imenes

no thanks, I prefer waiting v1.0 !

Another great update thanks. Not sure if its possible to add to the model but jump lights would be great for the c47?

Just got the latest update, seems to have cause my aircraft to have become transparent, well the cockpit and fuselage, I can se the wings! maybe it's not compatible with the livery mod I am using?

Big thanks for another update! Glad to see the OAT gauge fixed. As soon as the lights around the aircraft get an update and the supercharger/mixture systems properly work, she will be pretty much perfect 😊

One more suggestion (I know your list must be very long already, sorry): Could the cold'n'dark status be further improved? Meaning radios off, tailwheel locked, main ignition pulled out, cowl flaps set to OFF, and carb heat Lock handle engaged? Would be great if that's possible somehow.

Once again, thanks for the constant improvements 😀


Thanks again for including my translation in your mod....But it keeps giving me the same problem...and I can't understand where the error is. I suppose that you have tested the file and you have not seen anything wrong... If someone finds it working well I would like to know, because maybe it is something in my system...

When I load her up to MTOW she becomes incredibly tailheavy, even within the MAC Limits, meaning she tucks her Nose speeding up and goes into an irrecoverable Stall at low Speed with the Tail just dropping and me reversing into the Ground.

I use the enhanced Marketplace Version.

Will realistic Supercharger behaviour be implemented? Default supercharger automatically activates itself when above 10000ft regardless of the position of the supercharger lever.

Visible copilot please

Is there anyway to make the beacon lights rotate like the real old school DC-3s? Also, I noticed the bottom beacon light doesn't work.



5 day(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 Imenes
Maybe you could do some research on the Hughes Hercules and make some improvements to this too?! 😊 😊 Not the easiest thing to do I guess, considering it was airborne for only 26 seconds, but I think this plane is really special and deserves to be as realistic as possible, and not just some arcade plane.. I actually suggested this plane on the msfs forum about a year ago and was really exited to see it coming to the sim😊😊😊 Thank you so much for your increddible work, and to GotFriends, Bagelu and everyone else giving us great mods for this sim!!!😊



5 day(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 Imenes

GREAT ADDON! Could you make FIRE EFFECT on PMDG 737?



5 day(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 Imenes

Can we get visible passengers, like we did with the Kodiak, when you add weight to the passenger seats? Pretty please???

Thank you very much for this fantastic mod.

I have corrected the locpak file in Spanish, but although I think everything is correct, I can't get it to work well for me (some labels work but most are blank). I used the French modification as a guide. I have also updated the layout.json file, but it doesn't work like that either. I have tried replacing the file both in the official folder, as well as in your mod and in Gotgravel's.

I don't upload it here because it doesn't work for me

If you tell me how, I can send you the file to see if you can implement it in your mod.

Best regards



5 day(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 Imenes

Thank you very much for this nice enhancing job.

My I suggest to switch the two RMI needles?

Rignt now the double needle is indicating NAV1 and the single is showing NAV2.

IRL should be the opposite.

Many thanks.

Is this version compatible with https://flightsim.to/file/43824/dhc-2-beaver-action-pack and their modification of DC3? Ie can we have both mods enabled when it comes to DC3?


  • Version 0.2.0 November 27, 2022

    - OAT gauge accuracy corrected

    - cockpit door can now be opened or closed with interaction

    - starter switches sound events fix

    - nosecone rivets normal map cleanup (the area is still problematic, but the broken unwarp should be slightly less noticeable, this will later be fixed properly with a decal)

    - corrected Spanish translations (credit nataliacd1972)

  • Version 0.1.9 November 25, 2022

    - hydraulic indications are now affected by the blue pump selector lever position (collab with dk1000)

    - the amount of cargo displayed in the back of the cargo version now dynamically changes depending on the amount of payload (pilot, copilot, and fuel weights excluded)

    - side window positions can now be controlled incrementally

    - carb heat levers can now be controlled incrementally

    - added a click spot to the captain side foldable armrest itself

    - GotFriends sound.xml compatibility fixes (removed landing gear horn and scaping)

  • Version 0.1.81 November 22, 2022

    - adjusted momentary timers (the time that springloaded switches stay in commanded position) on starter energize and mesh motor switches, this should make startup more comfortable


    Engine startup has been reworked from v 0.1.8+, the motor mesh switch now has three positions (left, off, right) and the logic is less forgiving. For the best success rate follow the referenced SOP steps below:

    1. Right fuel booster pump "ON"; and check fuel pressure.
    2. Energize starter "right engine" for 10-15 seconds (never more than 30 seconds).
    3. Mesh "right engine", allowing the engine to turn over at least two rotations.
    4. While engine is turning, right ignition switch - "Both".
    5. Press Priming switch - "As required" to obtain a smooth start.
    6. As soon as engine fires - Mixture control - "Automatic Rich". (This is done for you since the plane uses auto mixture by default, will get a full mixture auto rich/lean system later)
    7. Right fuel booster pump "OFF"

    * repeat for the left engine, and have your throttles opened about an inch, give her more if she is struggling, remember, those radial engines don't always listen to your commands if at first, you don't succeed, give it another shot

  • Version 0.1.8 November 21, 2022

    - engine startup logic and involving switches rewritten

    - fixed HDG select needle animation (wrapping)

    - re-enables shortcuts for selected heading on the retrofit version

    - RPM lever is now at full forward on cold and dark spawn

    - beta_max adjustment (credit CCM)

  • Version 0.1.7 November 20, 2022

    - fixed hydraulic gauges not working with the left engine off (credit dk1000)

    - corrected landing gear indicator lights behavior (collab with dk1000)

    - brings most of the fixes and improvements to the GotFriends DC-3 floats version

  • Version 0.1.6 November 19, 2022

    - Instrument views reworked. There are now ten available instrument views:

    1 - Pilot Panel
    2 - Middle Panel
    3 - Copilot Panel
    4 - Pedestal
    5 - Under Pedestal
    6 - Overhead
    7 - Sperry Pilot / GPS console
    8 - Cowlings
    9 - Hydraulic Levers
    10- Cabin

    - Fuel booster pumps sound events fixed

    - Repackages the translation files that were left out of the 0.1.5x versions





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