Whenever I try to download this file: Libraries do Terminal novo de SBFL, for some reason it downloads a file from this scenery instead: https://flightsim.to/file/7378/eddp-leipzig-halle-airport-enhancement. That makes no sense...probably not your fault, likely something to do with the website, but I thought I'd let you know.

heh i want to try it myself and see how high tatras mountains will look ,and it is noticeable :) , so cannot wait for it,

thanks a million.

this pack has bring a smile to my face since first day and your comments are making me laugh for that same period. "Serbian curling team" omg XD

and please don't sideline Nimitz, that's a true legend and better imho representative of carriers than this new, generic, one.

my favorite period is actually '70 and '80 time, Kitty Hawk, Forrestal, bigE, Midway time. and the planes from that time... sigh. sadly time has tendency to flow as you know.... =(

"Like a bridge over troubled water - I will lay me down"...

Awesome work again Søren. Connecting the dots in Denmark with 5 star products.

Hi, added KGEG, KSEA have their own light system.


awesome look forward to seeing it and well done seem to have got hang of it :)

Hello, hello!

You are both right. The higher in the alphabet, the more priority, because everything is loaded alphabetically. If you rename slovenia like "aaa-slovenia" it will get loaded first, so the higher resolution Austria mesh will be loaded after and replace overlapping areas with a higher resolution mesh.

In fact it does not matter that much, because the overlap is marginal. It's just for those people who really know the mountains on the borders and want them in the best quality!

Thank you, I'll have a go at the old livery tomorrow, should be a little easier than this one (and I leant a lot doing it) so hopefully wont take long.

Absolutely fantastic helicopter ... Flying it in VR with Reverb G2 powered by an RTX3080 OC card is magical ... THANK YOU

Olá Vinicius. Como se instala este cenário?

Any differnce from 1.5.6 ? I get same filename, same size ? Thanks all the same, good work !

Dafür, daß der Heli schon seit 1190 im Einsatz ist, sieht er noch verdammt gut und modern aus 😉

Amazing thank you for this....any chance of the "bumblebee"90s livery the yellow and black stripe

Your addon is fantastic! However, I would like to suggest you add the gate numbers in your mod description that corresponds to FEDEX's, UPS's, DHL's, Atlas's, Alaska's facilities :-)

Hey, sorry to hear you're still having trouble with this mod. There were some issues with swapped graphics but I thought I had that ironed out. Have you tried completely removing the mod and reinstalling it? Sometimes MSFS doesn't play nicely with drag 'n drop!

Ah, I'll have a look into the melted-ness! So Scottish Major Trauma Units will be next on my hitlist so may have to wait a little while before I make it North of the border.

Agreed, Model is great, systems and flight model isn't great though


The model is really great.

I'll be waiting for patches and a real 777 flight dynamic before deciding to buy or not.

PMDG is doing one after all

You can use Google Sheets for free, (from Google Drive)


however, I think you have miss the yellow tone.

it needs to be darker and more gold

Why does this 777 have the systems of a 4-engine aircraft and 7 fuel tanks instead of 3?

Another god is coming - thanks a lot !!!

Are you planning more - would be great.

I see from the CaptainSim777 mod that you can go in the cabin. How can I go inside the cabin and look around inside the plane?