Great work! This is a joy to fly. Much more realistic than the Asobo Extra especially as it concerns landing. It is a challenge to fly well, as expected. It's beautifully modelled inside and out. The tablet is a nice feature, offering the ability to customize the flying experience easily.

I would say the pitch is a bit too heavy and roll is too light on the controls. I'm pretty sure was getting more than 450 degrees/second when I flew it. Also, the rain animation on the windshield is backwards, which was pretty trippy, but I would imagine it shouldn't be too difficult to fix.

If you like highly aerobatic aircraft, I would definitely recommend this addon.

Working flawlessly. Just waiting for High LOD as it's my favourite for sure. 😊 Keep up the great work.

Awesome, can't wait and great job on bringing small Danish airfields into MSFS with some style 😊

Could you maybe update the plane since it is old. The new livery is more realistic since it is existing IRL

I know, see my description of this mod: " I know there is another Terlet mod as well, but I wanted to experience recreating it myself as good as possible for me. In no way this is intended as negative feedback with respect to the other mod."

Paste the contents of the zip file to your MSFS Community Folder- Just like all add-ons for MSFS. Verify it's installation by searching within the MSFS Content Manager for the Add-on name. Hope this helps.

Do you have any other 310 panels in your community folder?

If so, you can only select one at a time.

maybe this helps?

This is amazing but is there any Apple Map cause is more realism and super realistic

super !! bravo et merci j'aime beaucoup 😊


Es compatible con Buenos Aires parte 1 y 2 de Mario Luty? Y los edificios de Karl Soengas??

Revise muchos tutoriales, pero no termino de entender como se combinan fotogrametria con edificios...

most add-ons for MSFS; scenery included, install the same way. Just unzip the folder and paste it's contents to your MSFS Community folder, then launch MSFS. To verify that the add-on installed correctly, just go to the Content Manager within MSFS and search for the add-on name. Hope this helps.

@ skybirds1011

Just in case, If the AppData folder is not VISIBLE on your system, please enable the Show hidden files and folders option in the File Explorer.

   1. Click on “Start” and open “Computer”.

   2. Select “Organize” in the top right of the drop-down menu.

   3. In the context menu, click on “Folder and search options”.

   4. Select the “View” (1) tab.

   5. Activate the radio button “Show hidden files, folders and drives” (2).

   6. Close the window by clicking “OK”.

After this proceed by adding a single line of code as I have described previously.

I live in Wenatchee, would love to see Pangborn to. Its the most important airport in this area.

with each update, it gets worse and worse

Dude.. it's a car... in a flight sim

Works great along with my AIG Traffic! Look forward to future updates with more liveries in the future.

You sir are not an amateur, but a professional! As always great work and thanks for bringing life to Brown Field - we actually had to divert to SDM last week due to NASNI being "fogged in" below minimums.

Thank you! Your collection is complete?! What about Borrego and FallBrook ? 😉

I'm not so advanced in codes, so I doubt my further work on that

same by me.... nothing will happen. also after install de SDK setup like in the readme file. please help.

Garbage addon, not worth the money at all. Im running a 12700K/3080ti and I can barely get 20FPS.

The developer abandonded the project shortly after releasing it. They also did Waterloo and said that updates where coming and nothing.

Not happy with Reg Designs and I'll happily spread the word. Reg get your shit together or take your projects off of payware status.

Keep up the great work! Here's hoping the bugs are painless to work out and 'high LOD' makes its way back ASAP, better than ever!

Yes, It's a comics character. The jet is the 201 (on the USS JFK at this time). The pilot is B. DANNY and the RIO... whathever (I just looked at the books, wasn't able to find it).


your panel isn t loading in my sim.any suggestions ?



where are the instructions to install this scenary?

where i can find the instructions to install this items


Yes brother thanks! I managed to get it to work some days ago 😀 ty!

Hi!! Great work as usually Pollot!

Can I ask you for a custom addition?

Is it possible to use Flaps (up/down) to change selected VS and leave the pitch trim controller to move the a320 pitch trim wheel?

Thanks in advance

When I load in the aircraft, battery voltages are on 0 volts and none of the screen light up or come on, even with ground power or APU running. Anyone else have this problem or know a fix?

subarashii na kuukou - hontou ni arigatou !

I really LOVE your addon. I've just got some idears for improvements. One thing is that I would love to see my custom registration on the tail of the plane. The other thing is, that my trimm is mirrored, so it allways does the opposite. I have the same problem with the AS 33 Me. It would be awesome if you could change that. 😊

la livrée métallisée est du meilleur effet. Et avec une immatriculation française! Que demander de plus! Excellent

Looks very realistic having visited both by air and land.

My only request is for a few open hangars with some interest inside


I can do that. Do you have a picture as a template? If yes, please send via PM. Thanks

Peut-être que le mod s'est trompé de dossier ?

Décompressez l'archive et le dossier

Copiez 'livery-c208b_dhl-blsq-msb' dans le répertoire de la communauté Flight Simulator.

Si le dossier a été copié exactement là, la livrée DHL doit apparaître dans le simulateur au Black Square C208.

Cette finition ne fonctionne pas avec le standard Asobo C208 !