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Version 5.2.9
リリース日 February 19, 2021
最終更新日 October 20, 2021
ファイルサイズ 39.32 MB
Downloads 24,227
Status まだダウンロードしていません
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24,495 | XI Commander

評価数: 71 レーティング






  • Version 5.2.9 October 20, 2021

    FEATURE: App window's title now includes type of processing (-Shallow or Deep, later Basic will be added)
    FEATURE: Upgraded map module
    BUG-FIX: All Flight Plans, Missions & Discovery flight root tag has been gone from the tree and now they are returned (only after retagging)
    BUG-FIX: Some missing RTL languages translations (Arabic & Hebrew)
    BUG-FIX: While the sim is running the app may freeze on shallow tagging completion

  • Version 5.2.7 October 20, 2021

    BUG-FIX: Auto Update wasn't working properly

  • Version 5.2.6 October 19, 2021

    FEATURE: 795 new airports added to the app's database
    FEATURE: Added support for detection and tagging of Robinson R44 Raven II Helicopter
    UPDATE: Manual updated to version 5.2.6 with many new pictures and the how instruction on how to update the stats tab
    BUG-FIX: #n removed from the "Folder already exists" issue tag

  • Version 5.2.4 October 18, 2021

    FEATURE: Custom user tags are lost after deeper tags processing
    FEATURE: New features recognize properly (do not cause Issue tags) "Terrain", "Discovery Flight", "Enhancement"
    FEATURE: Better detection of "Unrecognized Features"
    FEATURE: Prevent duplicate thumbnails
    FEATURE: Improved auto thumbnails load processing and results
    FEATURE: Color palette can be added to the stats charts field to control charts palette
    FEATURE: New color palette with better contrast defined as stats charts default

  • Version 5.2.2 October 17, 2021

    FEATURE: Better auto thumbnails (better fitted to their addons)
    FEATURE: Manifest of addons extracted by the Collector are updated without user consent
    UPDATE: Default extract folder changed from "ArchiveDir\Extracts" to "SourceDir\Extracts"
    BUG-FIX: Renaming the "Link" root tree tag didn't duplicate as it should (by definition of this tag containing all current links)

  • Version 5.2.0 October 17, 2021

    FEATURE: At least X10 faster (Up to X100 faster in certain conditions) initial tagging (followed by deeper tagging)
    FEATURE: Support 35 new aircraft
    FEATURE: Support 2 new aircraft auto tag categories "FSX" tag for FSX imports & Vintage for pre WW1 aircraft
    FEATURE: Default extract folder renamed from "ext" to "Extracts" for better clarity
    FEATURE: Settings tab / Structure section / "Extract" field, can now include optional parameters
    FEATURE: .7Z Conversion failures are deleted
    UPDATE: Manual update to version 4.4.84b





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These add-ons may be required or recommended to use.


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I guess I'm just dumb but it lists 16 issues. Do I need to fix these? If so How do I fix them? If I add a new addon will it just take care of it or do I have to do something to make it work? T

I am on version 5.2.5, and the auto-update function seems to be not working.

I run the app with Admin permissions.



2 day(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 shaykatzir

Thanks, Shay

Probably a very simple question, but... how do I stop an addon loading with the sim? (Robinson 44, H135 & scenery are 3 ive tried)

If I have a tick in the check box it loads, if I untick the check box it loads? If I tick 'link' it loads, if untick 'link' its loads. I must be missing something very obvious. (Is the red checkbox still a thing? I dont seem to able to get red, whatever I do) V5.2.5

Of course, despite spending hours on this as soon as I type anything here it suddenly starts working as I would expect. 😀


Hello Shay,

Can you explain why marketplace may not update when I access MSFS through this app? and do you have a component in there called sniuffer_gpu.exe as it seems to be blocked by Kaspersky (as does your app until trusted)

Hi Shay

Sorry its me again. Same issue that I was working on unfortunately.

When I added an 'essentials' tag (as previously discussed) it worked exactly as I had hoped - until there was a refresh of the tags when the vast majority disappeared again. I restored the previous structure and it worked again, but is there a way of making the changes permanent so that they survive updates? Also I was wondering, can I change the Architype, and would these changes be permanent?

Also, is there a way of having a 'recently added' mods section, as some of the developers use ridiculous names on their mods that bare no relationship to what it says on the site, and finding them can be a real chore.



Is it possible to categorize each folder?

I use AddonLinker to categorize my Sceneys in a very detailed way and manage them in folders.

For example, the Tokyo Tower is included in "Japan" - "East Japan" - "Tokyo" - "District" - "Object".

Therefore, if I choose a different "district", "Tokyo Tower" will not be selected by default.

This app also categorizes the locations by country.

Therefore, if I want to select Tokyo Tower, I have to select it from the huge list of "98 Sceneries" under "6 Japan". Is there any other way to solve this problem than to create a new tag and associate it?

It seems like a lot of work to create new tags for a huge number of files.

Categorizing with AddonLinker. In other words, can't I just take over the folder structure in my PC?

Excellent tool. Thank you

Hello Shay,

I cannot find where in the settings I should click to get the automatic updates and every time i turn the programme off i have to reinstall it to get access again.

Kind Regards,


This File has an update every day. Is it something it will always do or are you reworking it every day?


one more question I'm stuck on a tag

 and forced to relaunch the program it starts again loads some addons and relocks on always the same marking

did you have a solution thank you



Hi I have installed it. How do i retag 'Issue' items into appropriate aircraft , liveries or other tags?

Also there are a number of items like Global shipping and pushback utilities that i want there all the time...what do you suggest?

kind regards,


hello, first use for me I have a question how to recover another addons folder on another HD thank you and congratulations for your work.

Still trying to understand how this works, but in the meantime tried to load all my addons into it. But somehow it won't load all, only maybe half. I have hundreds of gigabytes of addons in one folder, can it be the problem?

I already set the "Capacity" to 999 GB but still only see a fraction of my addons on the map. Is there a refresh button or a way to force it to go through the addon folder again?

Over 29k have downloaded this add-on, but I still wish a tutorial video was available. It would help to understand the basics at least.








I haven't mastered it yet, but the mod shows a maximum of 370GB and took several hours to load.

It took me a while, but I have a feeling it will be a great application. The ability to extract and easily see similar or duplicate files alone makes this app superior to other linking apps. However, the explanation is not easy for foreigners, and the explanatory youtube has been removed, so it may take some time to grasp and use the whole thing.

Now, in my case, there were over 800 duplicate files.

I had to check each time that objects in a wide range of sceneries overlapped with more detailed individual objects, or that orbx sceneries overlapped with individual objects.

I have not yet demonstrated the flight plan either, but I am sure it is possible since it is synchronized with MSFS2020.

Thanks for a very nice app.

By the way, I installed this program in a "collector" folder on my D drive, not on my C drive where MSFS is located. addons is also on the D drive.

Where is the cache that the collector reads stored?

Also, the following description does not have a corresponding location.

I have translated it in Japanese. How can I include it?

The manual you are currently looking at is available directly from the app's user interface. Also

You can also find it in the default installation directory, C😋rogram Files\A

under "Van-Gogh Experience\MFS AddOn Collector\Info". If you change the culture in the Settings tab If you change the culture in the Settings tab, you may see a translation of the manual.

Fantastic Job

Message from the developer: Lately some users has rated this application low because of misunderstanding of its use (my fault probably), thus lowering its rating considerably. Please help me by rating this app with 5 stars: It is a really hard & time consuming work (~20000 lines of code, ~1000 working hours in ~12 month) and low ratings may cause less new users to download it.

Ok here we go..First of all iam a total newbey.And i think like many others downloaded this application , and tryed to figure it out without reading the manual first.Well after grey hair headaches ( grin)taking some time , and tryed to do it the proper way , i see and understand what this program can do for you.And yes!!it works , and is so usefull in many ways.So i give it 5 stars..My tip!!.read the manual print it out, even translate it in your own languace and discover all the goodies.Thank you Shaykatzir for your patient with us (huge grin on my face)

First, thank´s for that very good app for MSFS2020, it´s a very helpfull tool to manage a big addon library. But,

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