Two versions of an overlay for the Airbus flight deck using Behringer X-Touch Mini with SPAD.neXt, AAO or similar. Works best with my Spad.Next profile for X-Touch mini as TBM 930 control panel. Knobs and buttons in layer A are written in regular font. Mapped knobs and buttons in layer B are written in italic font. 

Alternative 1:

You can print and cut out the overlay. There is one .pdf file for paper size A4. Maybe you have to adjust your printers page format, zoom or fitting. 
Suggestion: Use some thick paper >120g/m2 for stability and a cutter knife for exact edges. Use some Blu-Tack or something similar to hold the overlay in place.

Alternative 2:

Use the .ai file and order a custom print at


Thanks to VirtualChris for the Template.