Touch Portal page for the Flysimware C414AW Chancellor

Touch Portal page for a set of commonly used controls in the Flysimware C414AW Chancellor. This includes mapping for items such as fuel selectors, pumps, electrical switches, exterior / interior lights, cowl flaps, autopilot modes and cabin heating / cooling.

  • 1️⃣ Licensed Touch Portal app on your mobile device (Touch Portal Pro)
  • 2️⃣ The Touch Portal software on your PC. Visit: https://www.touch-portal.com/
  • 3️⃣ Install the latest version of the MSFS Touch Portal plug-in
  • 4️⃣ Install the latest version of the WASM module (also from the MSFS Touch Portal plug-in page)
  • 5️⃣ (Recommended) latest version of Working Title GNS 530 from the MSFS Marketplace. If using v3.4.0 of the C414AW you should apply this small fix from the Flysimware Discord - I hope this will be rolled in to the next update of the aircraft.
Installation instructions
  • Launch Touch Portal Pro and ensure the MSFS Touch Portal plug-in is loaded.
  • In the Pages tab, click the gear symbol at the top left, then Import Page...
  • Browse to the .tpz file you downloaded from this flightsim.to page, click Open to import the page
  • From your (main) Touch Portal page, add a button that will link you to the "Cessna 414 GNS530" page.
  • For more information on how to  check out the Touch Portal Guides page
  • Recommended grid settings:
    • Maximize button space: off
    • Group buttons: on
This Touch Portal page includes controls for
  • Fuel selectors and aux fuel pumps
  • Engine magnetos, primer, starter
  • Master battery and alternators
  • Exterior lights
  • Anti-ice elect. (only off/low currently implemented), Prop anti-ice, De-ice light, Surface di-ice
  • Stall and vent heat, pitot heat
  • Cabin fan, cabin heat, air conditioning and air supply
  • Avionics bus, Autopilot modes, VOR/LOC annunciation, GA/GS annunciation, pitch up/down, altitude alert value and arm switch
  • Instrument panel lights (dimmers to follow after v1.0)
  • "Hidden" control for simulation rate on the right bezel of the Mode Selector
  • EFB toggle control

This version has been designed to work with the C414AW variant that runs the Working Title GNS 530, available from the MSFS Marketplace. 

The layout has been tested on an iPad Pro 11 (2360x1640 resolution) but I haven't been able to test on other devices. I recommend setting Rendering mode to Safe Area in the Touch Portal app settings. There is an optional download called (Optional) background images for different devices containing other size background images - I'll add to this as and when I get requests for different resolutions.

If the layout is OK on your device: I'd be grateful if you could leave a comment below to confirm that. 

If the layout is misaligned on your device: please DM me with details such as device name and a full-resolution screenshot of the problem, and I’ll try to resize the background image for your device - I can include device-specific backgrounds in future updates, although you'll have to manually swap out the page background in Touch Portal. This process is explained in the readme.txt file in the optional background image pack download.

Please note this is my first Touch Portal project - as such I'm still learning how things work. If you find bugs or problems then do let me know, and I'll try to get them fixed soon. I'm also keen to know if you have any feature requests for this project!

Sim Update 11
November 10, 2022
7 day(s) ago — 1.0




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5/5.0 — 素晴らしい!


  • バージョンを更新しました 1.0

  • バージョンを更新しました 0.7

  • バージョンを更新しました 0.6

  • バージョンを更新しました 0.5

  • バージョンを更新しました 0.4

  • バージョンを更新しました 0.3

  • Initial File Release

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6 day(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 Flak

essential page for the plane now, thank you

Looking forward to v1.0



17 day(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 Flak
Almost perfect Now Thank you !


18 day(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 Flak

OK, battery working, buttons Alternator working, but no electrical action in plane.

Fuel buttons ok (graphical problem on my tablet Lenovo 10



19 day(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 Flak

The idea is very good, as the left side with the Electricals is masked. Same for the Air conditionned on the under Right side. And very good for the CutOff fuel that are between the seats.

But I have no Cessna.ini (or Cessna414.ini as said onthe tablet screen), unlike other plane like TBM or A32NX or FenixA320. So, 90 % of the buttons are unavailable ...

Not usable yet, but please continue to improve

  • Version 1.0 November 24, 2022

    Full release - removed the "pre-release" label
    Added support for VOR/LOC and GS indication in the AP Mode Selector
    New toggle switch and starter button graphics
    Improved sync of button states to simulator

    Note the requirements section - this TP page has been designed to work with the latest version of Working Title GNS 530 from the MSFS Marketplace. If using v3.4.0 of the C414AW you should apply a small fix from the Flysimware Discord - I hope this will be rolled in to the next update of the aircraft. A link to that fix is in the Requirements section.

  • Version 0.7 November 19, 2022

    Compatible with the Working Title GNS 530 (v1.0.1 or later) available from the MSFS Marketplace. Going forwards this mod will only be tested against the WT GNS 530. You may get unexpected results if you the stock GNS 530.

    Implemented surface de-ice reset.

    Added other minor fixes to switch logic.

    Added the first alternative background image for other devices: 1280x800 resolution 10" Android tablets. This is available in a separate download.

  • Version 0.6 November 13, 2022

    Anti-ice controls fixed
    Cabin heat control fixed
    Aux fuel pumps fixed
    Added dedicated buttons for Sim connection and INI file loading
    Initial testing with Working Title GNS530 from Marketplace. NAV mode selector does not work yet, likely needs a fix from Flysimware or WT, rather than on Touch Portal side.

  • Version 0.5 November 12, 2022

    Further fix to ini file loading logic
    Fixed altitude alerter - previously the + / - were only incrementing the cockpit dials not the underlying altitude value.

  • Version 0.4 November 11, 2022

    Minor update to ensure page name is correct for imported page

  • Version 0.3 November 11, 2022

    Fixed issue with missing .ini file



Why are the buttons misaligned in the Touch Portal PC application, but correct on my mobile device?

This seems to be an issue with the Touch Portal PC application - the layout has been designed to be pixel perfect on an iPad Pro 10.9 (2360x1640 resolution screen).

How do I get back to my main Touch Portal page from the Cessna 414 page?

There is a subtle MAIN PAGE button on the top right of the page, tap that to return to your main page.

Why can't I hold down the starter buttons like I can in the cockpit?

I haven't yet figured out a way to fully replicate the cockpit starter buttons in Touch Portal. Using the button hold event does not give expected results in this case. The compromised solution is that the start buttons will be held for 5s if you tap them.

Why don't the sliders always move in Touch Portal, when I move the corresponding control in the in-game cockpit?

This appears to be a Touch Portal bug, where occasionally the Touch Pad sliders stop responding to the feedback events from the in-game sliders. As far as I can tell they are defined correctly in my Touch Portal page.

How do I rotate the AC cooler knob?

Since Touch Portal doesn't offer rotation controls, you'll need to tap on the lower half of the knob to decrease, and upper half to increase. The values go in 25% increments.

Why are only some buttons working?

This can occur if the WASM Module is missing or out-of-date. The latest version must be added to your MSFS Community folder, see item 3 in the requirements list.

Why don't any of the buttons work?

Check the buttons in the top right, ensure SIM CONNECTION and INI FILE are both green. If not, tap them to reconnect / reload.

If that does not work, try restarting Touch Portal on your PC and/or tablet.


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