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AIFlow is a MSFS simconnect utility that eases AI congestion and go-arounds. AIFlow: (1) enforces spacing minimums between AI by varying speed or commanding holds, (2) adds AI landing effects (e.g., crosswind bank corrections), (3) pauses AI taxi out for AI landing same runway,...


AIFlow is a MSFS simconnect utility designed to ease AI congestion and go-arounds at the airport the user is departing from and arriving at.  

As a first step, AIFlow will make all AI in the monitored area cruising at high altitudes maintain minimum speeds according to an altitude vs. speed profile that can be customized. 

Regarding the approach phase, AIFlow enforces spacing minimums between arriving AI aircraft to make the approach patterns more orderly, first by varying speed, then commanding holds if necessary. By controlling approach speed, AIFlow can also make approach patterns more uniform for differing AI aircraft (e.g., slower piston vs. faster turbojet).

AIFlow also detects and corrects poor AI approaches under the control of the MSFS AI engine (e.g., too high, indefinite circling, crashes into terrain, flying too slow).  The terrain and circling protections also apply to AI departing from monitored ICAOs.  

For added realism, AIFlow adds landing effects that scale up during crosswind conditions.

AI taxiing out to the same runway that AI on short final for can optionally be commanded to stop in order to reduce crowding (stacking) near the hold short line and to reduce the chance of incursions between AI attempting to land and AI attempting to depart the same runway.

While the user's aircraft is in flight, AIFlow enforces spacing spacing minimums between the AI aircraft and the user’s aircraft during all phases of the user’s flight (e.g., departure, enroute and approach).  This feature is default OFF and must be enabled.  AIFlow also optionally provides protection against AI incursion onto the runway (including AI that becomes stationary on the runway) when the user takes off and lands.  This feature is also default OFF and must be enabled. 

While the user's aircraft is on the ground and departing an airport, the user can also briefly squawk 1234 in their aircraft to temporarily suspend AI landings so that the user can find a slot to depart a busy runway.  

AIFlow does not require a configuration file to run, however the configuration file AIFlow.ini is included, which contains several parameters that the user may change to suit personal preferneces.

AIFlow is designed to compliment the default MSFS AI program and thus is fully compatible with it.  Thus, AIFlow is compatible with any AI-related program that places AI mostly under control of the default AI program (SU11), such as MSFS live traffic, MSFS off-line traffic and external AI injection programs that mostly rely upon the default AI program after injection.   

AIFlow operates externally via simconnect and thus makes NO changes to the MSFS sim. 

See the included readme.txt and readme.pdf for additional details.

AIFlow AIGround SimConnect Traffic
Sim Update 11
October 26, 2022
1 day(s) ago — 2.0.6




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  • バージョンを更新しました 2.0.6

  • バージョンを更新しました 2.0.5

  • バージョンを更新しました 2.0.4

  • バージョンを更新しました 2.0.3

  • バージョンを更新しました 2.0.2

  • バージョンを更新しました 2.0.1

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Hello, I'm seeing a problem when both flow and ground are minimized to system tray, no icon displayed for either. What could be the problem for this?



3 day(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 ClipperOS

Wow, work great, 2 h Planespotting at vhhh, 32 planes landed and no go around, using AIG planes injected with FSLTL



3 day(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 ClipperOS

Slight issue with the new systray option, namely that there don't seem to be any systray icons at all. At first I thought the whole feature was broken and then I noticed that there are blank clickable areas. Applies both to AIFlow and AIGround. Are the icons simply missing or is there some procedure I'm supposed to follow to enable them? Strange considering that the programs themselves have such nice icons!

is this new version of aiflow fix the landings vanishing? ever since su11, aiflow has caused my fsltl landing to vanish. takeoffs and cruise are working great, was just landings. all landings at payware airports and default and freeware ALL Ai aircraft landing vanished. thanks

Has anyone experienced an issue where the user's plane cannot descend below ~3000 ft on final when running this program? Saw a few other comments over on AVSIM.

Hi, are there any updates planned for SU11?

Any way to get an update on Aiflow to stop the planes on final from being forced to 1 ft agl? Used it with both AIG and MSFS live ATC, but causes the 1 Ft AGL command with both. I have the .ini file activated and the final app altitude set to 1500ft agl, but if you watch the code in the .exe box during an approach on final, when the ai gets to about a short final distance the AIflow forces it to 1 ft agl and the plane disappears or crashes. Otherwise, it seems promising. Ai ground seems to be working great!

I'm not too sure about this addon, it behaves strangely sometimes, the airtraffic don't climp up like normal and they get stuck at 1500 feet and disappear and reappear, I change the parameters and nothing seems to improve the behavior of the air traffic, I don't know what to think , but sometimes it does seem to work better and it seems that air traffic has a better presence in the environment with the addon working, but not with all planes it seems to work normal, or behave better.

does this addon still work properly after the sim update 11 ai changes?

does not work with FSLTL, planes only fly without landing

I get a CTD with AIG.

In the process of getting a handle on MSFS AI control in SU11, some have asked how to disable AIFlow approach holds/speed/alt changes while keeping landing crosswind effects and user-AI separation active.

To do so, in AIFlow.ini make sure the following options are set as follows (also make sure there are NO "//" comments at the START of each parameter):

AIARRIVALSPACING=0 //disables AI-AI spacing

AIBADAPPROACHFILTER=0 //disables AI bad approach filtering

AITERMINALAREAMINSPEED=0 //disables min speed (incl. for separation)

AITERMINALAREAMAXSPEED=0 //disables max speed (incl. for separation)

AIGOAROUNDLEAVEAREA=0 //disables AIFlow treatment of go arounds

AIFORCEFINALAPPRALT=0 //disables max alt AI allowed when on final

In the process of testing, these option can be turned back on individually to better assess their effect on your AI setup/operations under SU11. For easier tuning, make sure to use INIPERIODICUPDATE=1 to read the .ini file periodically to apply changed values.

If you want to maintain user-AI separation for normal user flights from a departure to a destination, make sure you have AIPLANESPOTTINGONLY=0

Everything else can be kept at default except for AIG compatibility mode (AIGCOMPATIBILITY =1) if you feel it is needed (must enable BEFORE starting AIFlow).

Any chance that this program could solved the slow cruising speed of AI traffic?? I mean, I usually encountered traffic cruising at around 200kts instead of a more reasonable 390/450kts. Thanks!!

man this is so good, finally someone has taken the time to do a little bit tweaking in the ai. its just a shame that su11 will probably break it all later today... still I want to say thank you so much



3 month(s) ago / ありがとうございます。 ClipperOS

Might want to mention that Windows 10 detects this as a virus and users might want to enter this file name under the exemptions list within their virus. Since when I try to run it my Win 10 removes it

Hi, since 2.0.3 I got this simconnect message : Could not connect to MSFS via simconnect?! Anybody else too? What is the problem? AIGround is working ...

Im still getting a lot of random crashes, I recommend steering clear of these mods until that is sorted. It's a shame I dont have access to any useful logs from MSFS to help debug.

will this work with Aig models?

Thank you , I use your other mod as it is superb .but I cannot use this mod as the aircraft take off and teleports /Jumps in altitude which is an immersion killer , if you can fix this i will give it five stars , keep up the good work

Great mod. Can't wait for future updates. One request, it would be great if we get an option to minimize to tray. Already got so many programs running😅


  • Version 2.0.6 January 27, 2023

    (1) fixed blank system tray icon.
    (2) fixed user inadvertently freezing output console causing program to freeze (this was fixed a while ago, but accidentally re-introduced into 2.0.5 ironically while working on thread improvements).
    (3) improved efficiency of simconnect calls.

  • Version 2.0.5 January 24, 2023

    (1) added option to make AI at high cruise alts maintain minimum speeds according to alt v. speed profile (AIHighAltCruiseProfile).
    (2) added system tray icon options.
    (3) .ini read after file changes saved (I.e., periodic read deprecated).
    (4) fixed not able to completely disable all bad approach filters.
    (5) improved approach handling (including enforcement of descent profiles and bad approach mitigation).
    (6) improved low alt terrain avoidance filter
    (7) fixed occasional output console freeze.
    (8) fixed occasional AIFlow crashing and various code optimizations.

  • Version 2.0.4 November 10, 2022


    (1) added option to force AI to a specified max altitude (ft AGL) when turning onto final. This option may be useful at specific airports where the default MSFS AI control program tends to place the AI too high on final, resulting in unstable approaches and go-arounds. This option overrides the MSFS final approach altitude. See AIForceFinalApprAlt in readme;
    (2) added option (beta) to force AI to conform to typical vertical approach profile based on distance from airport in anticipation of SU11. See AIDescentProfile in readme;
    (3) fixed departing AI making abrupt step altitude changes when squawking 1234 (suspend landings);
    (4) fixed holds still occurring even when the user selected AIMaxHolding=0 (holding disabled).

  • Version 2.0.3 November 05, 2022

    2.0.3: (1) increased default value of AITerminalAreaMinDist to 7 nm to increase stability on final approach at expense of some AI separation (some AI models need more distance to stabilize on short final); (2) fixed AIMaxHolding = 0 now disables holds, but still allows speed changes for separation (if speed changes enabled) (note: AI-AI separation will be more difficult to obtain just by speed changes); (3) fixed frozen console (e.g., user scrolling through console) sometimes stalling program, increased console output efficiency and added succinct mode (verbose=0) eliminating AI status messages.

  • Version 2.0.2 November 02, 2022

    2.0.2: (1) fixed thread issue that occasionally caused AIFlow to crash by itself (AIFlow would end, but NO sim CTD); (2) reduced default max number of AI holders to 7 (value was set too high at 20).

  • Version 2.0.1 November 01, 2022

    VERSION 2.0.1:  (1)  fixed issue with SimConnect erroneously causing sim to CTD when reading AIG AI text data and also added an AIG compatibility testing mode as backup if still experiencing issue; (2) fixed high CPU occupancy BEFORE connecting to sim; (3) fixed occasional low alt holds; (4) added AIPatternAlt option and adjusted default parameters (min and max speeds) to suit.

  • リリース October 26, 2022






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